Automatic transmission for your phone.

Octoknow is an application that provides a platform for combining multiple tasks into a single button or NFC tag. It makes your phone a multitasking shapeshifter providing faster, smarter, and simpler access to the tasks that you want your phone to do because your phone "ought to know".

Instantly switch your phone between lifestyle profiles

Smart customized volumes

Activate saved volume preferences for all your different activities and locations. The smart management system automatically returns your volumes to prior settings when you are done. Tired of getting woken up by email notifications or spam texts? Octoknow splits ringtone/call volume from notification volume - perfect for on-call work. And if you have friends who drunk text/call, save yourself some sleep!


Dude, where's my car?

Activate Octoknow's GPS mode to see traffic in an instant, and most importantly automatically save your parking location. This lifeline also allows you to save custom notes (e.g. Spot #163 at Parkade Level 3), which helps when you are navigated back to your car by Octoknow.


Download to see the rest!

We got a lot more for you. Help us out by becoming an Octo. We would love to hear your ideas for new features. If you are already accepted into the alpha, download here.

Alpha / Beta

We are currently in limited alpha. If you would like to participate, check out the Beta page.


We currently support Ice Cream Sandwich (and newer) builds of Android. NFC is not required, but is supported. Please let us know if you experience any issues on your phone.





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